The Journey


Turning Points

In 2010, I arrived at a point in life, one that many are searching for, letting go and following your dream, a turning point to shift from Science to Culinary Arts.


The Challenge

My key challenge has always been health related, living on medications to control epilepsy, but unfortunately had more harmful side effects than benefits.


Nutritious Solution

I was blessed to be introduced to a wonderful woman who had similar medical challenges but had overcome them and went off all medications through a Ketogenic Diet. Now she has dedicated her life to educating others sharing her experience.

Life Change


Life Change

Following her advice, I started the Ketogenic Diet, monitoring every calorie intake, eliminating junk food and lowering sugar intake and began exercising. Best of all, I started living the positive changes the healthy lifestyle created: reducing medication, eliminating harmful side effects and stress, losing weight, and becoming a happier person.


Missing Ingredients

Living my passion in a healthier life, there were two missing elements, the secret ingredients that bring out the full joyful flavour in life's recipe: purpose and creativity.


The Mission

Serving others and seeing happiness spread was a goal. A day-to-day job preparing fixed menu recipes was a roadblock. I was able to overcome that obstacle through a business journey, developing my own recipes, and supporting others with dietary challenges through every sweet bite!

Sweet Future


A Sweet Move Forward

Now that rich, healthy, quality chocolate truffles are offered, you can bring back a lost sweet element into your daily life while meeting dietary requirements and overcoming intolerance and restrictions.

Every piece is healthy, guilt-free, and divine.